Het Pand is a former Dominican friary located in the centre of Ghent. It was built during the 13th century and its restoration began in 1971, lasting until 1991. From 1963 onward, the building has belonged to Ghent University. It is mainly used as a conference centre, but also holds a number of remarkable collections of various departments.

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Het Pand


The city of Ghent

The history of Ghent began in the year 630, when St Amandus chose the site of the confluence (or ‘Ganda’) of the two rivers, the Lys and the Scheldt, to construct an abbey. Nearly 1400 years of history are still palpable in the city today: a medieval castle surrounded by a moat, an imposing cathedral, a belfry, three beguinages, and many more buildings and sites. Nowhere else does one find so much history per square metre than in the historical heart of Ghent.

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